East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Profile: Steven Biagini, captain of the East Los Angeles Sheriff Department

He has worked with the sheriff department for thirty-six years, resolving custody cases, patrolling areas, and appearing in court. He is a husband and a father of four. His kids are all grown up and are done with college. His name is Steve Biagini, Captain of the East Los Angeles Sheriff Department. Steve is in charge of 200 men and women in the department. Some of their services extend from East L.A. to Maywood. Steve will soon retire in September.

Mr. Biagini stated that East L.A. has a lot of people who care about this community, but it’s a shame that gangs and drugs affect the change that people want to make. There are thirty-one Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in East L.A. Most of them are corrupt so people go through very little trouble to get a medical card. Steve recommends that the government increase the strength of rules governing dispensaries. Young adults getting their hands on drugs is bad because it takes kids on a different path that isn’t the right path. We agree with this because we do have people who care.

Steve said if he had total power, he would empower youth because he feels that youth will break the cycle. By cycle we mean the violence, the drugs, the graffiti and gangs that influence every generation. Steve wants more programs that will help them learn how to improve their environment and their lifestyle. These programs that Steve wants will not only guide and distract people from their personal problems, but also will help people build better personalities. The programs can encourage people to get more involved in their community.

If we didn’t have a strong, committed, and brave captain like Steve Biagini, then there would be no order in the Sheriff’s Department. You can’t just choose anyone and call them captain. They need to be strong and know what they are doing. It’s a job that has you thinking you might not come back home that day. So just imagine, Steve not only keeps the station in order, but also make sures that all his officers are good and that they are working and making sure he comes home alive. He also has his own personal things going on. That is a lot of weight for one man. Steve told us that in this type of career you have to be ready all the time and not be scared. He said this because some people will hurt him for being in a cop car or being in their uniform.

“It’s a huge honor finishing my career in the East Los Angeles Sheriff Department,” Steve expressed. He told us that the station was one of the first stations he had started in and that he was excited to come back to retire.