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Quick Read: So-Cal Burgers

Okay. I’m sitting on a couch in my living room on a Friday night. The growling of my stomach motivates me. Go get grub. The next thing I do is call So-Cal Burgers to place my order. In a few minutes, I hop on my ride and make my way to So-Cal. I’m just around the corner from So-Cal Burgers, and Mednik Street is full of lowriders cruising low and slow. The paintjob of those hot rods, reflecting off the night sky, lights up the street like a Christmas tree. As I cruise along with the lowriders toward my destination, it amazes me that East Los is written right outside the door of So-Cal Burgers. Lowriders cruising, the barrio (hood), the familia (family)–all together on a Friday night enjoying the night cruise, or just gazing at the movie So-Cal has playing right outside their building. Before the movie starts, I rush in to receive my burger. The burgers they make here are jaw-dropping, juicy and thick. So mouth-warming, so meaty. Job well done So-Cal. As I go out to my seat I have a thought, “What do others think East Los Angeles is about?” My answer to that is So-Cal Burgers. I would recommend this A+ burger joint to any outsider to know what East Los Angeles is all about. If this place disappeared, quality of life and culture of the neighborhood would disappear as well. Life in the neighborhood would be less interesting. Please stop by So-Cal Burgers and try it out. After all, it’s only found in East Los.