East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Reflection: My community

I think my ethnicity stands out in my community because I know where everything is in my community. But then I really don’t know what else stands out from me in my community.

Sometimes I walk around the neighborhood and see unusual places. For example, there’s this house by my house and it’s abandoned. When I was little, I would always see that house alone. But now there’s just cholos outside in that house, and just smoking and drinking.

One time when I was walking home from school, I see these cholos in my way and they were smoking and drinking. So in my mind I was thinking if I should avoid walking into them but I didn’t, I just walked passed them to see if they would do anything or tell me something.

The connection I have with my community is that my community is Latino and ghetto. I live in a ghetto neighborhood. There’s always something happening, like there’s cops outside my house because the neighbors are crazy. But I’m already getting used to having a police stopping me and asking where I am going.

I would tell city planners to have more restaurants or basic fast food places. I would also tell them to have more green spaces, or more stores to shop at in East L.A because most of the known stores are at Whittier Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue, which is considered Monterey Park.