East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Role model Kathleen

Kathleen Campo is an artistic junior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy where she spends her time helping leadership or reading books.

She is the oldest out of four siblings who she loves, and enjoys spending quality time with. Cano and her sister visit their father on the weekends, and they cherish the time they get to spend with their father.

Her father is a role model because he went through a traumatic accident that would depress a person. Just imagine a machine ripping of your arm, and then to be rushed to the hospital in a helicopter to then have surgery for 17 hours, and then having it removed because your allergic to metal, but her father continued as if nothing had happened. He continued to live a healthy life, and did not let the fact that he does not have an arm stop him to do things.

She has always gotten her inspiration to write from her family because they are the type of people who never gave up. She adores writing about her drawings, or paintings because that is where she expresses what she feels.

Cano always mentioned how she either wanted to have a career as a nurse practitioner because she wants to be able to help her family and people in need. On the other hand, one thing she will always be proud of is how she got accepted to UCLA to attend the F.O.R.M program. She was honored because it was her first experience as a student at a college.

Cano also got the opportunity to work with HS insider for I, Too, Am America event where she worked with a partner who wrote and she drew.