East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Same community, different view

“You live in a ghetto community.” I know that East Los Angeles is not one of the best communities in L.A. but it’s not one the worst one either.

I was born and raised in East Los Angeles. Growing up here could be tough because many people who don’t know East L.A. have a bad image of us because of the things that happen here or the things they are being told. But East L.A. to me is home and where I’ve lived all my life. I love East L.A. and everything it has to offer, especially all the different taco stands at night.

In all my 17 years living here, I’ve only moved once and the only the difference was that I moved closer to where I go to school. In my old house, the elementary school I would attend was five minutes away until I entered middle and high school, my home was a little far.

Until my last year of middle school, my parents decided to move houses since the rent was cheaper and school would be closer. Once again in high school, school is only five minutes away from home.

I still get to visit my old favorite spots where I use to live like Amigos Market. I knew if you were sick or something you would go to local neighborhood doctor called Don Pepe, he would always help out people. Another of my favorite spot was Big Burrito, but now where I live I got new favorite spots like Troy’s Burgers and Diana’s Market.