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Selling elotes and raspados are what makes this East L.A. celebrity happy

On March 28, I had the pleasure of interviewing an amazing women named Carla Muñoz, a mother of four kids who was very friendly to me when I asked her for a short interview on her work. She sells raspados, chicharones, elotes, esquites and chips in cart, all these goodies you can find at Belvedere Park in East Los Angeles.

Every weekend, she comes to Belvedere Park from noon to 7 p.m. and brings her cart to sell all her delicious snacks to families who come to the park. There’s definitely nothing better than enjoying a great day at the park while having a delicious elote with mayonnaise, cheese, chile or an esquite, which has the same servings as an elote but is served in a cup. Along with your elote or esquite you can enjoy a fresh raspado of many different flavors which include vanilla, chicle, tamarindo and cherry.

I definitely live for this and I guarantee that anyone who tries any of these treat will fall in love. This is why I love my Mexican Culture because these treats give me life and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

Muñoz, who has been working at Belvedere Park for five years, is very proud of doing what she does because not everyone is willing to stand for eight hours straight selling goodies. But to her it’s something that she wouldn’t mind doing for many years more.

Muñoz has been living in East L.A. with her family for seven years and loves living there because she says that East L.A. is a great community where she fits in with all her fellow Latinos. Before moving here she used to live in downtown L.A. and felt that the community wasn’t for her. So she decided to move for her own benefit.

Even though she wasn’t born and raised in East L.A., she noticed that there isn’t as much violence as there was before. There are many things that make East L.A. special are so many places, and for Muñoz that’s the arc on Whittier Blvd, the stores on Whittier Blvd., and Latinos!

Muñoz is very satisfied that she is able to make families happy by selling goodies. She likes seeing her customers happy and spends a pretty good weekend at the park; she likes to take her kids with them to help her out because most of the time her customers bunch up to her waiting to get their snacks and that can get very stressing, but likes the rush and adrenaline.

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