East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Serbian Cemetery

The cemetery is a place that almost everybody notices. This cemetery is divided into two parts. I walked past that cemetery every day when I used to walk to school. I saw the grass being cut and smelt the scent of cut grass in the morning. It was just so great. The green grass and trees are really nice as well. Sometimes during the winter it gets foggy and the cemetery just looks incredible because you can only see the first row of tombs, making it look very mysterious like the cemetery goes on forever. During fall, the leaves on the trees start to change color from green to orange.

I think that this cemetery is really not valued because I hardly see people there, and I have always wondered why. Some people don’t understand how important a cemetery is to a community. Cemeteries bring families together to mourn their loved ones who passed away. It’s a symbol of religious beliefs, and that’s what keeps people going sometimes. Cemeteries are also good for the world because they have trees, which helps us with global warming. It helps clean the air of places that are really polluted, like where we live.

I also saw chickens when I walked to school. These chickens may be the most interesting and odd part of the cemetery. I always wondered about how they got there, who takes care of them, and if they are even wanted. I read about how people worry about the health of the chickens, and how it’s disrespectful to the ones who passed away because they make a mess everywhere. Honestly, I think that it’s pretty cool that the chickens are there. It’s their home and from what I’ve seen, that cemetery is really clean, which is another reason why this place is somewhere people would want to visit. Let’s be honest, how many cemeteries have you seen or heard of that has chickens?

Anyway, this place is really special to me because I usually go there to walk around and clear my head. Whenever I am sad, angry, or just need to think, I go there and walk because there usually isn’t anyone there. The main reason this place is really important and special to me is because I suffer from anxiety sometimes. Late at night I get really anxious and can’t sleep, so I go there and walk around because it calms me down. It’s special to the community because it gives them a place to work out, not inside, but outside. I’ve seen people running around the cemetery all the time because the big cemetery on the other side has people running around it. So yes, I do think this cemetery is worth being called a landmark.