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Should college players get payed?

A topic that has been brought upon many people, is about college sports and whether or not those players are being taken advantage of by not getting paid.

College players themselves want to take matters into their own hands because this is something that affects them; it’s their life and they want to get the best out of it.

Not all colleges make the same amount of money, which is something that not many people can’t get across their minds. It’s been stated that, “the 231 NCAA Division 1 schools with data available that generated a total 9.15 billion dollars in revenue during the 2015 fiscal year.”

Only division 1 schools get that sort of money combined, and it would not be sufficient enough to pay all athletes that perform for the school.

They are the ones who are performing for their school. They are the reason why the school is gaining money. The athletes think they are entitled to getting payed fraction of what the school is earning, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Those athletes that are in Division I and Division II schools are already being rewarded with scholarships and overall, having the opportunity to play a sport in college, that’s something that not many can say.

If the schools are forced to pay some of the athletes at their school, they will have to pay all athletes to avoid conflicts.

44% of Division I schools make less than 20 million, that’s nearly half of the schools. We have to overlook the fact that these athletes may possibly have the best coaches, training, and top programs.

Getting paid does not mean getting paid money. These athletes are getting paid with things that are way beyond money, and some cannot seem to understand that.