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Should parents let their children play football?

The world of 2017 American football is one of the most participated and fundamental sport of its kind. There are thousands of teams around the world. Ranging from the age of 4 to adulthood. Football is often depicted as a dangerous sport by people who have never played and never experienced the rush of adrenaline from being in a game.

The question that has been a headline for quite a while now is, should parents let their children football? And the answer to that question is always a yes.

In football you develop skills that help you the rest of your life. You develop skills like teamwork, responsibility, perseverance, and leadership just to name a few. You also develop a sense of awareness that helps in the real world.

Parents should allow their children to play football so they can experience the rush that hits you when you step onto the field. The smell of the grass or turf that hits you when running, breathing in the scent of the leather football; the sensation of catching a ball on the run; knowing you caught it and taking off with the ball to the end zone; and when you reach the end zone the quiver your body feels from knowing you made the play. It’s a feeling that no other sport or activity can give you. Kids learn the value of not being selfish, for playing for the name on the front of the jersey not the back.

When parents make their decision about their children playing football they should factor in the beneficial results of their future. Playing football is a major way to get a scholarship for college and from prestigious universities. It can also be a future career if their children can make the cut.

Along with every other sport football has its risks, but in football you use protective equipment. People have argued for decades that the sport is too violent, and it isn’t safe. It’s 2017 and people have developed helmets that make it possible to barely feel anything at all. In any sport you are prone to injury but it all depends on the child.

If I were a parent the choice would be up to my child. If he or she wants to play football then I would allow them. I would encourage them to play, since this is the sport that I love and I would want them to experience all the feelings I felt from playing, but i would never force them to play it if they didn’t want to.

Along with all the skills that are developed, football is a great way to stay in shape. In the today’s world childhood obesity is very common. This is due to a lack of exercise. Most children are indoors on a mobile device or on a gaming console eating and not getting any exercise. With football you get all the exercise required for a day. You get at least an hour. You also develop a dietary system. You cut down on eating so it’s easier to run and you start drinking lots of water.

Football is one of the easiest ways to become healthy if you put your mind to it. Football can easily be the factor that decreases childhood obesity, and it all starts if you decide to let your child play football.

Football is a televised sport. There is a game on practically every day from fall to winter. Monday, Thursday and Sunday nights the NFL televises games. On Saturdays the NCAA televises college football, and on Fridays Canadian football is on.

Football is always on and it is a good way for a child to learn the sport by themselves.

Watching documentaries and 101 intros about football also good ways to learn. A child should always learn the basics about anything before starting it, and football is one of those things.

So again to all the parents that are reading this and debating whether or not to let your child play, football is an amazing sport as seen on the television. Your son or daughter will benefit from playing the sport. They will develop skills that will turn them into model citizens and responsible adults. This sport benefits them in the long run and will mold them for the future.

There is always a tomorrow so as the days go on things will be developed to make the sport as safe as possible.