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Should the human life span be prolonged?

Life is something people shouldn’t try to mess with, like to extend life to about 150 years or so is wrong All humans are meant to die eventually, even if it hurts us to lose a loved one. That’s just the way of life, just like any animal in the planet they die as well, and that is what we call the cycle of life.

Scientists shouldn’t try to help people beat old age so we can live longer lives because it’s not the way of life. If every person were to continue to live even up to 150 years or so, our world would not be able to support us because population would increase and so resources like food, water, and shelters would decrease.

Just imagine, right now in our world we hold about 7 billion people and that number is increasing every day. People were not meant to live forever, which is why we die.

Yes, it would be nice to have a loved one live a longer life, but other people are suffering because there’s just not enough natural resources. Yes, scientist can help with antibiotics to cure the sick, and doctors can continue to help save lives, but not extend life further than they have to be when a human is not meant to live that long.

Though, I know I won’t be living an old age of 150, I’m fine with it. Instead, I’d rather enjoy the time I have left on this earth, instead of making other people suffer because of my existence of 150 years old.

In the opinion piece of “On Dying After Your Time” by Daniel Callahan argues that extending human life would actually diminish our lives. Although there is nothing wrong with living a long life, if and when it’s humanly natural, because that would still be considered part of the life cycle because you would still die naturally, whereas living a longer life but with the help of scientists is not natural. This would be causing problems in life because it would make the world unbalanced. Some people would call messing with life “taboo” because you’re not god, so you shouldn’t be messing with a human life.

In the end I plan on living, but without the help of scientist because I plan on living a natural life. I would rather not mess with the cycle of life, and would advise all, that there’s nothing wrong with dying because everyone does eventually. Instead of harming others because you want to continue to live untill 150 years or so, when you wouldn’t even be able to contribute to society.

I’m hoping that one day people would think of life as something that doesn’t need to be extended further than it has to be because there’s nothing wrong with living a happy life with an end. People don’t die because they would live on in people’s memories.


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  • Reply Douglas Campbell November 1, 2017 at 7:11 pm

    There are easy ways that you can use to assure that your own life is not unduly extended. Merely forego vaccinations for diseases like whooping cough or mumps. In those cases where you might need to visit a doctor, forego that visit and attempt to treat yourself.

    You see, there are many ways in which we are already prolonging human life in this modern era. Through most of human history, birth was hazardous to both mother and child. Now we have rendered it so safe that the only way in which it is hazardous to the child is through abortion. So, if you are worried about overpopulation, than simply do not have a child — or, if you do, forego prenatal care. If you have a heart attack, refuse resuscitation.

    We have two choices in health going forward. For congenital diseases such as Down’s Syndrome, we can take the approach of Iceland’s government and abort any child found by genetic testing to have Down’s. Or we can work on having a gene replacement therapy to mitigate the effects of the disease. If you are interested in decreasing the world’s population, then abortion will work just fine. If you are interested in giving each individual human being the best quality of life they can have, then gene therapies will be the way to go.

    I have apparently chosen one way, and you another. We shall see who wins.

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