Should the U.S enact mandatory voting laws?

I believe the United should not enact mandatory voting laws, because it would be unconstitutional; it would go against the first amendment and it would make people pay fines for not voting. People that don’t vote is because they either feel that it is not worth it, or don’t have time for it.   It is a person’s right to speak and it is also a person’s right not to speak. By voting a person is speaking and therefore they are not require to vote. Nevertheless they should not be made to pay a fine if they do not wish to vote.

In my opinion forcing someone to vote is involuntary servitude, which violates the constitution. You cannot force someone to do something they do not wish to do. Referring back to the Bill of Rights, the 13th amendment states that “neither slavery nor servitude… Shall exist within the United States”. This proves the fact that enacting mandatory voting laws would be involuntary servitude. It is violating the Constitution and the bill of Rights. Making voting a mandatory law would mean that the U.S would act more as a communist country and not like the “Land of the Free”

Another reason why people should not be mandated to go vote is because many people who have the right, don’t have sufficient knowledge to go and make a vote that would benefit the nation as a whole. The fact that people have the right to vote, does not mean that they have the capacity to understand the effects of their votes and to be able to analyze every possible outcome. Another fact is that people are not really educated in economics and the way it plays a role in the voting process.  Forcing people to vote is just a plain wrong mistake.

Others might say that mandatory voting should be enacted because of the fact that people hate the government, yet they don’t get up and go vote. But in reality the people feel that their vote won’t make a difference and that corruption will win over justice. The fact that America is somewhat corrupt sets that doubt on people whether they should vote or might as well just stay home and not cast their vote.  Thus, people that don’t exercise their right to vote should not be forced to vote, because they have an adequate reason why not to vote.

As a result, enacting mandatory voting laws in the U.S would be unbeneficial to the country because it would set a gloomy mood amongst the people. It would be unconstitutional, many people are not educated enough to be able to process an adequate decision. Nevertheless people have a right to speak and not to speak, such as they have a right to vote and not to vote. Many people in the United States which are educated feel that casting their vote or not would not make a difference in the process of the Election Day. They feel that corruption and money always lead the way, and that their vote would not matter, therefore making it a waste of time.




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