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Should we take standardized tests seriously?

From the beginning of school to the day we practice for the standardized tests.

No, I am not a nerd that believes all quizzes or tests are the most important parts of life, but it kind of is. But an SAT is neither a have to or want to, it is a need to in order to gain admission to colleges.

I just take SAT seriously because I started to notice how important it is from the increases of chances of being in a good college to getting a free scholarship.

I believe the time practicing the SAT and taking the test is actually useful than doing nothing like watching TV for an example. Practicing the SAT is useful because the SAT has three sections which is reading, writing, and math with questions that are difficult. And also it is better taking the SAT for free because if you got a bad score on the test, in order to retake, it will cost you $40-50 and additional fees which will be total of $100 or more.

According to Quora, what makes it more important to take the SAT is that it tells colleges if the student is prepared for college. So the colleges will select students with great SAT scores, no questions ask while others with average or low scores have to wait if they accept the admissions which seems unfair to others.

Also if you are one of the students that got a higher score then you are on the right track of entering to the college or university you are willing to attend.

In order to gain an admission for colleges you want to attend, mostly every U.S. college requires the SAT. So if students that didn’t take the SAT and trying to enter a college, you need to take the test.

In classrooms I see some students annoyed when they hear about taking the SAT and when I asked one of my friend’s opinion, he said, “It is a waste of time, well to me it is but when I hear it I do feel irritated since it won’t help us later on in the future.”

My opinion which is taking the standardized test is important because it is helpful since colleges require the SAT and gives scholarships if you have good scores.

That is why taking is the SAT so important because it helps you go to the next step after finishing high school.