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Since when are privileges a punishment?

I was always told it was a privilege to be home-schooled, if so since when are privileges a punishment?  In most cases a child is not given the option to either attend a public or private school or to be educated at home, but rather are just educated the way their parents or guardians wish.

When a child is home-schooled it may be for many reasons. A reason they may not be aware of themselves. Although a child is not enrolled in the public school, they should not have the right to neglect a child who is trying to be socially involved in a sport or even be part of any academic program.

Children do not have an option to be home-schooled. Most times it is their parents’ choice and sometimes it is necessary to be able to get an education. For instance, according to an online article, children are home-schooled many times because their parents want them to be away from a negative learning environment, they may have an illness or have a disability that restricts them from attending a public school, and simply because their parents believe their child will be better off being home-schooled.

In addition to not having a choice, most of the time these children are isolated from many things, like clubs, programs, and even friends many times. These children do not have much social contact with people nor do they engage with children their age on a day-to-day basis as supposed to being in an actual school surrounded by your peers.

Social development is very dependent on your environment; if you are exposed to an environment that is full with people of different culture, you will learn to adapt to the different type of people who will benefit as you grow older. Being home-schooled does not give the opportunity to be exposed to a different environment which is why they should at least have the option to be part of a sport that can expand their social environment.

Even though there are no conflicts that can be created by allowing students who are home-schooled, but a student may have a difficult time being able to interact with students since they are very isolated. In many cases though, home-schooling is better education for an individual.