East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

South Central, my home my community

The thing that most stands out more about my identity is my personality. I’m outgoing and easygoing, and people pretty much see others’ personality to see how they really are.

Personalities stand out to me more. Part of my life has been impacted by the community that I live in, which is probably the people or the things going on around me. For example, since I lived in South Central, many people think or know that South Central is a place that has a lot of crimes and violence.

I’ve lived in South Central for most of my life; East L.A. and South Central are different in their own ways. The differences between South Central and East L.A. are that in South Central there are two cultures: African Americans and Latinos. Within those two cultures there are Salvadorians, Mexicans, Hondurans, and so much more. The reason why this part of my life has been impacted is that since there is a lot more African American culture, I would sometimes act kind of like them, so I kind of started changing in a way, like I kind of started losing my Mexican self that was in me.

Now that I’ve moved to East L.A., I think that my Mexican self is coming back. Also, what I think that my South Central community need is that it needs more parks. Not many people from other places go visit South Central or when they do, they want to leave so quickly because they might think there isn’t anything special there.

This is why I hope community planners build more parks and nice houses in my community. South Central, my home my community.