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Stop catcalling women

Men and boys usually catcall on girls and women when walking on the street. Females can just be walking, minding their own business, and a man feels they have to come along, telling them something sexual. This usually gets annoying.

It gets annoying because getting called at or whistled at makes it very disrespectful for us females. It shows that men have don’t have any value towards women beyond their appearance and shows poor manners. The way men portray females shows how men only look at women as an object and not for what they really are. Therefore, it’s not ok for men and boys to comment women and girls on the street.

Is it ok for men and boys to comment on women and girls on the street? No, it’s not okay for males to comment on females when walking on the streets. I don’t believe it’s ok because it shows how low men can be when they see a female. It shouldn’t be ok for men to comment on women walking on the streets.

I believe that it’s not ok for men to catcall on women because of all the disrespect towards females. While reading an article called “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Women,” it explains how a women walked around wearing jeans and a black crewneck T-shirt and was still getting comments. Men even followed her for a few minutes as well as they were whistling to her. This shows how males have no respect or manners towards women while walking in the streets.

Another reason which I believe men shouldn’t catcall women in the streets is because they don’t actually compliment us on the things we do, but by how we look. Males usually look at us as sexual objects.

According to the article “Sexualized Women are seen as Object, Studies Find,” men mainly focus on women’s appearances. Boys and men show no interest on seeing females for what they are, then seeing them as just an object.

While reading the article “Catcalling” by Michael, it tells us how even if women are wearing jeans guys will have something to look at. Being covered up in tight clothes makes it ok for men to comment on females. So no matter what women wear a male will always come along saying something disrespectful. Women shouldn’t be harassed out in the streets. Females should be respected for what they do not just by what they look like.

It isn’t ok for males to comment on females when walking on the streets. It shows the disrespect men have towards women/girls. Males show the poor manners that they have when trying to catcall a woman passing by. Therefore, it isn’t ok for men/boys to comment on women/girls when walking on the streets.