East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Strong enough to overcome

Jessica Guzman is a dignified character with light, chocolate-colored hair, hazel welcoming eyes and an appealing and pleasing smile that lightens up an entire room. She has that radiant face that melts anyone’s heart.

She would like to be known for all her great work in studies and the great intelligence she acquires. She will be able to accomplish this by working overwhelmingly hard in school and always maintaining a task.

She aspires to go to school every day and on time with the result that she won’t miss anything in class. Something about this student that is different from most others is that she is determined to pass all her classes and receive nothing but A’s and attend a decent and gratifying college.

One of her most important accomplishments she has done was starting off the year correctly by having no absences nor getting to school late. She has also accomplished earning almost all A’s in her classes. She would also like to accomplish to be the first in the family to graduate high school and college.

She’s a confident individual who enjoys school and mostly all her classmates and teachers. She’s extremely vivacious and appreciates every moment of her life.

She has many negative and positive moments in her life, but she’s strong enough to overcome them. Her current work has been attending school at Esteban Torres High School in East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy.

She has not yet posted anything on HS Insider, but she will soon be uploading interesting stories.

Her future consists of having a job as a veterinarian and having a loving husband that will love her till the end of time. She plans on having her dream car which is of course a black, dark, crisp colored Toyota. She will accomplish these goals because she will grind for it!