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Students should grade their teachers

Most teachers always think that they are right because of the fact that they have the title “teacher” when in reality they aren’t always right.

I personally believe that us as students should have the ability to grade our teachers and give them feedback about them and the way they do things. Based on my experience with a variety of teachers, I noticed that some teachers don’t care about what students tell them, which they should.

I hate the fact that teachers think that they have more power than we do just because we’re students. Teachers should allow students to grade them so that if they constantly see the same problem others claim they are doing wrong they can help us by making arrangements. Students shouldn’t have to wake up and not want to come to school because of the teachers they have. Teachers should have a good environment when it comes to their students coming to class.

Some teachers commit errors and make mistakes but don’t have the ability to own up to them. If a teacher is mad over something the class itself didn’t occur, they seem to always take it out on their students and don’t realize it. If we as students had the authority to grade our teachers, I strongly believe that it would make a huge impact on how us students are learning and getting our education. Not only would it help us, but it would benefit the teachers as well by becoming a better teacher. We have teachers to help us learn more about the subject we are taking. If the school and the district want us to succeed, grading our teachers would be beneficial.

My current literature teacher once told our classroom, “I am learning at the same time you guys are learning as well, we are here to make mistakes and learn from them.” We need more teachers like this because it helps us feel more comfortable learning and participating without having to think what the teacher or your classmates is going to say about your response. If a student is judged and graded by the teacher then the teacher should also be judged by the student.

Teachers are usually tested based on their knowledge they have based on the subject they are aiming to teach, but very rare on their teaching skills. Our opinions and the grade we would give them based on their teaching skills would not only help them but it could also help the school administrators to see how students feel about their teachers and their teaching skills.

I don’t see a problem with students being able to anonymously express themselves about their teachers. Who better than the people who are in the classroom every day with that teacher for an hour and a half be able to provide some insight as to how well that teacher is doing? The better they know how students of today learn the better they prepare them to educate the students of tomorrow. I am not here to judge a teacher’s attitude, if I want to become better in life, I believe teachers should show that as an example for us.

If you personally agree with me, let’s make this become a reality.