East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Symbolic ‘puntos’ in East L.A.

As the years progressed in East Los Angeles, changes has been occurring since its founding days. This specific place has been around since 1967. It goes by the name of Los 5 Puntos, which in English translation is “the five points”; the name behind it has been at question for the longest.

They are known for their meat specialty, a Mexican deli, and creating traditional items including burritos and tamales. To this day, it still stands as one of best food joints in East L.A. Many people visit the place and would say that’s the best place they’ve ever eaten. People literally mean it.

Since opening its doors, it has not only been a meat place, but sort of like the neighborhood grocery store, selling spices, common things that would be considered groceries. Since then they’ve started cooking meals for people to buy.

People still love to pay a visit to the restaurant/market just to a get a little taste of Mexican culture, and the type of history it brings in its foods. The place also makes people feel like home since most of the citizens migrated from Mexico, and of course they want what they had back home.

Symbolic, that’s the word that comes to mind when Los 5 Puntos is brought up. Los 5 Puntos has been serving as a symbol since 1967, in front of the market stands the war memorial. A statue that is there to honor the soldiers that served in America’s great wars, mainly to honor the Mexican Americans who served in the army.

The culture is what keeps Los 5 Puntos running. Mexicans has been keeping the momentum alive for the past decades: The smell of meat cooking when walking past by it, the spices that are being used, people walking in and out of the market with a smile on their faces, hearing the workers and costumers talk and laugh, and the explosion of flavor you get when taking a bite from a taco.

Since the beginning of Los 5 Puntos, it has brought people from different places to the restaurant. For people who have been living here for a while and has seen it grow to what is now will find Los 5 Puntos as a valuable place. It has been honoring and serving for the past decades to the Latino community with its food and culture, and it would be distraught if it were to disappear one of these days. It makes East Los Angeles feel like home.