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Review: Take Care album by Drake

“Take Care” is the sophomore album by Hip-Hop artist Aubrey “Drake” Graham released on November 11, 2015. It was one of his early best works.

This album was released by Cash Money Records. It gave the fans what they wanted, a project that best shows his personal life behind the lens. In this album Drake spoke about the ladies and his personal love life and even about his views on relationships and his own experiences.

When the “Thank Me Later” album made Drake unhappy, he brought out “Take Care,” which shined bright, brought out the same concepts as his previous album but with more appealing results. “Thank Me Later” was an album where Drake mostly directed to his haters and doubters.

Before his sophomore album and signing with Cash Money Records,  Drake was questioned about his acceptance in the Rap game and his singing/rapping skills. After this he gained confidence and wrote “Take Care” which was a banger that helped him gain more confidence within himself. He also mentioned that he cares about everyone’s opinions.

Drake is best known for his emotional verses and “Take Care” was full of them. “Over my Dead Body” which is Drake’s first song on the album featuring Chantal Kreviazuka, is about two lovers talking back and forth over the solidity of their relationship.

“Shot for Me” was another song where Drake sings about Catya Washington, one of his ex’s. “Headlines” is another song where Drake sings about love, it was about him claiming that he knew this one specific girl more than anyone. So as you can see these were a few of Drakes songs where he sings about ladies.