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Taking the boys into consideration

Cheers to the ladies who are beautiful the way they are! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Society screams for this generation of females.

Now the men, well, we don’t talk about them. Men don’t know the struggle women go through with our insecurities that are body related. Surprise, men and boys have feelings too. Right?!? Who would’ve guessed that they also feel pressured to have an ideal body? Not our society, that’s for sure.

Where is it believed for society to root from? The media. I can tell you now that whenever I log into any kind of social media platform I notice an immense amount of positivity for women. Don’t get me wrong it is extraordinary the good vibes that women receive from such places as Facebook and Instagram. Yet, this “system” is faulty.

Boys growing up may feel as if there was something they are missing. Why don’t we get told that we’re perfect the way we are, but women do? Have we forgotten that male celebrities exists? And that they create idealistic images for men such as models do for women? Why can’t these boys be reassured as we are that they can be worth it whether they’re big, small, short or tall?

I, myself have known and still know men, boys that are afraid they’re too fat, too skinny, and too short. You can ask these boys why and they’d give you a variety of answers. Some, if not most guys, spend their day wondering if their outfit goes with their body, if what they wear makes them look skinny or fat. In my eyes they’ve had the same mindset as women but we push them aside because they’re masculine.

I can tell you this now that men, as women, are afraid they won’t be accepted. Like us, they feel like they should stick to certain fashion norms, or they feel the necessity to starve themselves. In this sense we’re equal.

Now, don’t get me wrong this is not a victim becomes the victimizer situation. It’s more of a we’re all victims of being fixed into boxes of what is perceived to be perfect. Nor am I someone who believes in one side while battering the other. I am one who is afraid that my 1-year-old brother will feel forced to look a certain way in order to be accepted and wanted. I am afraid that my future sons and their sons will be kept silent when they want to vocalize how insecure they feel about their bodies. Women have it worse.

Well then, tell me why the same fears you have for your sisters and daughters are the same fears I have for my brother and my future son? The pressure is being felt by both sides, this isn’t a one way street.

So therefore, cheers to the men and women who are handsome and beautiful no matter what! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope an equal society will scream soon. Men do know the struggle because whether they show it or not, they feel equally as pressured to be an idealistic image.