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Tamales Liliana’s Restaurant: a part of the East L.A. community

Tamales Liliana’s Restaurant is a place that serves Mexican food in East LA. It is located in 4619 East Cesar E Chavez Ave.

Tamales Liliana has more than 30 years selling their tamales. They started first as a little car on streets selling their tamales. After they got business booming, they bought a little place which after the time was really small, but they had a lot of customers.

Their store expanded so that the customers would be more comfortable and happy.

Tamales Liliana draws me because people would tell me that it was a really good restaurant and the owners were really friendly. This restaurant makes me feel like if I was in home (Mexico) because all the food they sell is handmade, which makes the taste better.

There are people who come from different places. They hear their friend or families that come live here and tell them that they should come to visit Tamales Liliana and taste some of the food.

There are also people who used to live around the area still come to buy those delicious tamales.

Some people say that this place is still small because their parking lot is full but the food is worth it. People come any time: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is an easy way to get to this place.

In this restaurant you are able to find all kind of Mexican food. They also help by giving away tamales on Christmas.

Tamales Liliana represents East L.A. because it’s a Mexican restaurant and East L.A. is represented by Latinos.

When I first got to the restaurant, I saw that there was no parking. Their parking is mostly full but their food is so delicious that it deserves that their parking is full.

When you enter to the restaurant you easily can smell their food and even feel like if you are tasting it at that moment. You are also able to see their paintings they have on their walls.

Tamales Liliana’s Restaurant represents the East L.A. community.