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East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The band that has helped me stay away from trouble

When it comes down to my identity, I would describe myself as the teenage kid who loves music. And that really stands out for me because not many people love music like I do.

My community has to do something with my love for music because the people, the culture and the history of music here in Los Angeles is great. If I was born somewhere else other than East L.A., my love for music would’ve never existed for me.

East L.A. is where it originated; it all started in my childhood when my dad introduced me to the band Guns N’ Roses, he told me about their history and how they were two bands before they formed.

Hollywood Rose and L.A. Guns were the local bands in Los Angeles back in the early 1980’s, being underground bands in an era where Thrash Metal and Glam Metal were in an all out war. Puffy hair versus long hair that reaches down to their knees, make up versus leather jackets, owning the hearts of billboard chart versus the hearts of true metal fans.

Guns N’ Roses were somewhere in the middle when the showdown was happening, they were the type of band that people would say they don’t like rock but they enjoy the band.

But, how does this describe my identity in my community? It has impacted me to stay away from the danger my community has, it’s a great a community don’t get me wrong, but a community can turn someone into a different person. It has a had a positive impact in my life because not only of the band but for music in general. It’s Guns N’ Roses that has made me who I am in my community. A very calm person I would say who I am in my community, someone who has passion for anything especially for music.

In a community where there is crime, drug use and gang affiliation that really never interested me, I preferred to just to focus on the love of music that I have. I’ll say my community made me more aware of my actions; I needed to find something to keep me away from the danger.

If I were to have the power to change my community, I would suggest putting music lounges or music cafes in the area. Somewhere where people could go and relax to music, or maybe to go and study; a place to ease off from the problems that the community has.

I know if my community had at least one I would be there every day, not just to avoid problems but simply for my love for music and it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Guns N’ Roses.