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Movie Review: “The Best Of Me”

Many people believe that “high school sweethearts” don’t exist; don’t get me wrong, neither do I. I feel like in high school we are young and stupid in love, but if you’re lucky enough you may find the man or woman of your dreams, until they mess up.

The movie “The Best of Me” by Nicholas Sparks is a movie about two high school sweethearts who reunite after 21 years of not seeing each other. Sparks is an author who focuses mainly on romance. He’s written other romantic movies such as “The Notebook,” “The Vow,” “Safe Haven,” etc.

“The Best of Me” is like “The Vow” in my eyes. My reason for that is because in “The Vow,” Paige falls into a coma and forgets all about her husband Leo. No matter how much it hurts him knowing that she had forgot him, he loves her more then he feels pain.

Leo is still there for Paige and willing to do anything for her no matter how long it will take for her to remember him, just as in “The Best of Me.” Dawson, boyfriend of Amanda in her high school experience had been blown up into the ocean at his current job and found himself visualizing her. Turns out, he still has feelings for her and the love he has for her never went away.

Isn’t it crazy how one day you can dream about a person you once fell hard for and a few days later you see that certain person? I feel as if Dawson was in this situation just as many of us have as well. This movie isn’t just to prove to people that love is still out there, but to show the real definition of true love. I personally got something out of this movie and that was that people can change.