East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The journey to L.A. City Hall

Students in the Los Angeles area organized a walk out on Nov. 14. Schools including Roosevelt, Garfield, Torres, Eagle Rock, and more walked off their campuses to L.A. City Hall.

LAUSD district officials guided students to their destination. These students all protested together in an organized fashion, but as always, each individual had their own reason for participating in this walk out, such as “sending a warning to Donald Trump and Mike Pence that they will not be allowed to do whatever they want, while the youth sits idly by” Stated by two 16 year old boys from Roosevelt High School.

There were students who protested to get their demands through to city hall, others to make a statement towards Donald Trump himself about the promises he has made, and “to stand up to hate, discrimination, institutionalized and interpersonal forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, trans-phobia and abelism.” According to the Instagram page selawalkouts.

Students marched from their campuses towards city hall, in 88 degree heat. This could have become a serious problem if it weren’t for the support the students got from the sidelines.

Parents supporting the students in voicing their concerns, provided aid by supplying them with water bottles and snacks. They were positioned in various spots throughout the route.

The people who provided the support were appreciated by all the students and were even the motivation to some of the protesters to continue the long walk.

The protest lasted for a couple of hours and the students had to return back to their campuses.