East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The kid from Torres High School

Michael Alvarez is a senior at the East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, one of the schools on the Torres campus where he attended for the last four years.

During his four years, he played football and maintained a steady job at WSS, a shoe warehouse, on the weekends. He enjoys watching or playing sports with friends or family.

His main sport is football, which he is very passionate about. He’s been playing football for about six years and is able to play almost every position besides lineman. He considers himself to be more of a defensive player because he likes to hit.

Alvarez only knows one language which is English but comes from a bilingual family and is in the process of learning Spanish. For now, he’s only able to understand it for the most part.

He only enjoys reading books of his interests which include sports or anything that has to do with real life events that he can relate to. After high school, he plans to attend a trade tech and learn aviation mechanics in which he plans on doing for his career.

Throughout the years, Alvarez tries his best to be a good role model to his younger siblings. He does by trying to show them good examples such as maintaining fairly good grades and makes his time useful with things such as playing sports and maintaining a job at the same time so they learn to manage their time and still do what they want.