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The N.R.A didn’t kill anybody, their guns did.

The rise of mass shootings has become a topic addressed at the dinner table. Parents don’t feel safe after the Florida school shooting which took place February 14 a day of love and kindness which sadly turned out wrong for the 17 injured and deaths.

When will the next mass shooting occur?  Are our schools really safe, or are they not? All questions which the parents from the victims ask themselves and their community.  Top charts of death and injuries in 2017 from mass shootings in public and school places range up to 2,239 people, leaving 437 people dead. Columbine High school, Sandy Hook, Virginia tech, these are names of the past major school shootings. But what has the government and N.R.A done to reduce or prevent the number of shootings? 

According to CNN Politics: Donald Trump has addressed the nation and said “Our entire nation, with one heavy heart, is praying for the victims and their families. To every parent, teacher, and child who is hurting so badly, we are here for you — whatever you need, whatever we can do, to ease your pain. We are all joined together as one American family, and your suffering is our burden also. 

Yet is this the solution to the rising of mass shootings. Although Trumps remarks were very apologetic, one thing   true, was the fact that   “Each person who was stolen from us yesterday had a full life ahead of them — a life filled with wondrous beauty and unlimited potential and promise. Each one had dreams to pursue, love to give, and talents to share with the world. And each one had a family to whom they meant everything in the world.”  The last worry a parent should have to consider is “will my child be back from school.

Regarding to the NY Post the House Speaker Paul Ryan stated that in the wake of the shooting in Florida, Congress will consider to make it harder for people with mental illness, mental issues and mental disabilities to obtain permission to a gun. In the other hand Florida senator Marco Rubio stated that Evil is Evil, and kept on  restating the fact that no matter what,  evil is everywhere and that stricter regulations on the acquisition of weaponry would not have done much to prevent the shooting.

February 14, was by far the deadliest school shooting in the U.S since the beginning of 2018. Nikolas Cruz charged with 17 counts of murder; 14 students and 3 school staff.  Trump’s response to America, and children who fear for their safety addressed that “I want you to know that you are never alone and you never will be. You have people who care about you, who love you, and who will do anything at all to protect you. 

The fact that there have been many school shootings does not mean that we are vulnerable to these anytime. It is the fact that you never know when somebody might just lose it all in a quick moment and lead many innocent people to their death.  It is amatter of time, it is just indeed a matter of how long a person can hold in his/her anger and let it out calmly or get triggered and lose it all in one quick moment.