East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The one and only Luna

Christopher Huerta is someone who is an addict to the spools of turbo sounds when air comes out violently throughout the speakers. He is very active in the gym, also is very mature, determined, and focused when given a task.

He has also decided to change his last name to Luna because one day a big coward turned away from his family and him as a youngster, but as every long second passes on the clock he gets stronger in so many ways.

He is also very outgoing, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

One of his huge accomplishments was squatting 225 pounds in the 9th grade. He was also able deadlift 240 pounds. He still continues increasing his maxes while rocking out to Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica.

He currently doesn’t work but during the summer he goes to work with his brother in demolition, crashing down the walls with loud bangs in the white dusty room breathing heavily while thinking about the strong scent of Pizza Hut after work.

His future goals are to achieve is graduating high school and getting a Toyota Supra as his first car. After that is out-of-the-way he always mentions his dream of being a UFC fighter and being an auto mechanic. To do that he wants to go to wrestle in college and go to a mechanic school called Universal Technical Institute. After he is well set with his future accomplishments, he wants to create the ultimate drag car.