East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The one-of-a-kind landmark in East L.A.: The Belvedere Aquatic Center

A landmark I find very important and historical is the Belvedere Aquatic Center. Originally opened around the 1950’s but demolished in 2013 for remodeling, this pool is located in East Los Angeles.

The reason I decided to write about this special landmark is because my passion for swimming is indescribable. Spending countless hours in the water has to be the most relaxing feeling ever, but once you’re done swimming, the feeling of hunger and tiredness kicks in.

Belvedere Aquatic Center means so much to me as it does to my community. Not only is it the first Olympic-size pool built in East L.A, but it brings the community together because it’s an open pool to the public, which is a fun adventure for families. This benefits many kids because they have fun but at the same time, they learn something new, which is how to swim; this could save many people’s lives and a new entertaining hobby.

Belvedere Aquatic Center is run by Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation employees, who look over the pool at all times making sure there is no one invading the property nor damaging it or vandalizing it. The pool is used throughout the summer by the East Los Angeles community.

Throughout the year it’s still open but you pay $10 for a one-week membership. The pool is large and wide, the smell of Clorox and the nice light blue water attracts every person whom comes across it.

The sound of the “nievero,” known as the ice cream man, ringing his bells, the kids screaming while diving in the pool, and the loud splash you hear when they drop in the water, but most of all, the beautiful smiles you see around you from the adults to the kids makes the place extra special.

The pool is near the 60 freeway so you can always hear the sound of horns, old car brakes, and nonetheless the speed of the cars. The pool is also surrounded by outdoor basketball courts on the floor above, and a little section with lunch tables to hang out in.

The most interesting aspect of this place is how many people visit this site in the summer, it reminds me of a little water park. This expresses the culture and people of East L.A. because the Latino culture is always united, and this is where everybody unites and hangs out, sharing nothing but good vibes.

This landmark is one of a kind because there’s many pools around the world but none like this one. In the future, I hope there can be more landmarks like this one around East Los Angeles, making the community happy.