East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The passionate traveler

Katherine Castillo is currently a senior at East Los Angles Renaissance Academy.

Castillo, also known as Kathy by her friends, is an animal lover. She loves spending quality time with her family. She is also known for having a good time.

Castillo enjoys taking adventure. She wants to explore the different cultures around the world; see the world in different angles fascinates her.

Castillo is one of those people who enjoys exploring the wilderness. She admires the long walks she takes when she’s hiking. She also enjoys camping with her family every year.

When she goes camping, she enjoys swimming for hours. During her free time when she’s out camping she reads a book. She also loves staying up late admiring the beautiful dark night sky. Once she is a grown lady, she would love to learn different cultures and the different languages.

She also has a passion that thrives her to help others in need. She helps people on a daily basis, from elderly people to little toddlers in her church. She does all this from the heart and out of pure kindness. She is very enthusiastic about helping out others. She hopes to do the same in the future.

Castillo loves exploring new things. This has made her want to travel the world.  She wants to learn the different cultures in the world, wants to taste the different type food that are out there. But she doesn’t want to travel alone, she would like to share this marvelous experience with her grandma and dad.