East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The real East L.A.

To outsiders, East Los Angeles is a dangerous, ghetto, and a horrible place to live in, but they are blinded by the stereotypes and misconceptions that plague East Los Angeles. They can’t see what East Los Angeles truly is because they can’t overlook all the stereotypes that infect their mind.

As a native of East Los Angeles, I see a diverse, hardworking, and family oriented community. East Los Angeles, while having a majority of Latino families, is enriched by not only the Latino culture but other races cultures as well.

The food for instance, across the street from the Superior is a Thai food restaurant (great food by the way try the number 5) which is run by a Taiwanese family. Little things like this I believe make East Los Angeles an amazing place because it holds not only my races culture but others as well.

The community of East Los Angeles is one of the most-hard working communities I have ever seen. I love speaking to street vendors here in East L.A. because their stories and dedication are inspiring; a fruit vendor was telling me his story of how he gets up every day at 5 a.m. just to get everything set up so he can sell for the day. When I heard this I was shocked and was compelled to ask “why,” the answer he gave me inspired me he said “for my family”.

While this man is a special case there are tons of people around East Los Angeles that work so hard and for many hours for one reason only family.

I believe that East Los Angeles is truly an amazing place and is just misunderstood by stereotypes and misconceptions. East Los Angeles is a beautiful place.