East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Respectful block in East L.A.

Everyone has their own visual representation of their own community. In general, if you ask anyone how the community is, you might get some negative feedback about it. But I think it’s best if you let them know what your community is really about.

When they talk about East L.A., everyone thinks differently but they really don’t know how the little neighborhoods really are. I think my neighborhood is way more different compared to other neighborhoods.

The thing that stands out the most about me from my community is the way I am with other people around my neighborhood. A huge difference in me is my attitude because the way I act with my friends or family I would never act like with my neighbors. I have a different aspect of myself on the people I hang out with. The way I act around my neighborhood is calm and I treat everyone with respect.

This has changed me into a different person. People around my community are nice and everyone knows each other, and everyone helps each other out. Where I used to live, I wouldn’t really talk to anyone because I lived in an area where there was too much gang activity. The old owner of the house we live in now came by and offered us the house and without any hesitation, we took the offer and we left all the crime behind.

We’re all really nice to each other. You never see a lot of gossip going around the neighborhood, and we all get along. People always talk to each other, and when they have parties everyone is invited to come and hang out. In my neighborhood all you will see are smiles and people being polite.

Some suggestions that I would have for city planners would be to add stop signs that flash in the night to let drivers know there is a stop sign in front of them. People in the night hardly see it because there is a tree that kind of covers it and it’s barely noticeable.

My last suggestion would be to trim the trees so there won’t be a lot of mess and every stop sign could be more visible. Other than that, my community is a peaceful neighborhood to be in.