East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The rise of Jovanny Valdez

Jovanny Valdez currently go to East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy in Torres High School and is in the 11th grade.

Valdez’s most important accomplishment was to graduate elementary and middle schools, but his next one is to graduate high school.

He is 16 and has two brothers, the oldest graduated from Garfield High School and the second older graduated from East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy.

His favorite things to do is to hang out with friends, play video games with friends, and listen to Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator and Isaiah Rashad.

Valdez has two scars on his forehead and broke his wrist in third grade.

He has two dogs, one being a husky with soft fur and has a lot of energy. Her name is Kyra. The other dog is a poodle with white fur like snow and is small like two bricks on top of each other.

He lives in a very peaceful neighborhood. The smells of hamburgers are a block away from where he lives.

In his backyard there’s a nice view of downtown L.A. His backyard is very messy from all the materials from his father’s job.

His goals for the future is to get a good paying job in computer technician, a house with friends, and a nice car.

He is going to graduate college at Cal State LA.