Richard Ramblaz
East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The second coming of a Ramblaz

On Aug. 17, 2001, a new baby boy was born and his name was going to be Rene Ramblaz Jr. but his mother thought otherwise and considered the name Richard Ramblaz. This was the day Ramblaz was born: this enthusiastic, spoiled middle child was born and made his older brother Andres finally a big brother.

Growing up, Ramblaz caused havoc and would go running around and eat a lot. His favorite sport growing up is baseball, it still is his favorite sport and lost a lot of weight throughout his journey through elementary school and middle school.

One of the things that many people have noticed him for is being a positive guy, being athletic, and being able to joke with all of his friends.

He is currently playing baseball in high school, his teammates know him for being able to catch the fly balls and line drives that are being hit to the outfield. He has gotten MVP at a park league baseball, gotten student council back in elementary school, got into the Leadership class in middle school, and joined Academic Decathlon in his sophomore year of high school.

At this point of his life, he striving to graduate high school and is hopefully going to go to a top university. He wants to follow his dream on making a university’s baseball and team making his own path to the MLB.

Ramblaz is becoming something his mother and father are proud of and will hopefully keep being proud of him.