East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The story of a dreamer

Juan Barajas is just a simple guy just trying to make it through life and trying to accomplish his dreams.

Barajas was born on Sept. 21, 2001 in East Hollywood and moved around quite a lot as a kid. One of the places he first lived in was Boyle Heights. He lived in a dangerous part of Boyle Heights, filled with gang activity.

He saw that the area was not taken care of. He saw a lot of trash around the homes. He also saw that a lot of the people who lived around him were filthy and were people who were involved in gangs. That is when his parents decided to move somewhere else.

His father decided to move to Norwalk due to the fact that a lot of his family lived there, and thought that would be good for his children.

Norwalk was a beautiful place. It’s a place filled with great people and was a place that people took care of. He saw that there was a lot of greenery in the area he lived. Barajas also saw that the area smelled like flowers and the barbecues people had. He noticed that where he lived it didn’t smell like trash and that the people there were great and kind.

One day that changed. One night a man came in and tried attempted robbery while he and his family were asleep.That is when his parents decided that even a place like Norwalk wasn’t safe and decided to move to a safe spot in East L.A. where he and his family had friends and family.

Barajas noticed that while it wasn’t as great as living in Norwalk it was better than Boyle Heights. While there was gang activity, it was nowhere near as bad as Boyle Heights and the area he and his family lived in was quite safe.

His life would change when his sister was born on 2009. He needed to take care of her. While he thought she was annoying at times he thought it was cool that he could be a brother, and take care and protect his sister.

When Barajas was in middle school, he started to play drums and that is when he decided he would play music as a passion. As of right now, he has worked on his own song and goes to East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy at Torres High School.