East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

The world I live in

I would explain my identity as caring. I like to help people around my community that are struggling for survival, who have no home, no food and no family, who are all alone in this world without any love.

I like to volunteer at local shelters in my community to help the people who have no home. I also like to donate old clothes that I no longer use because I think to myself one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Living in Los Angeles I face the daily consequences of vagrants. Seeing many homeless people in my community makes me severely depressed. It makes me wonder do they even have a family. A place to call home?

Seeing many people in my community struggling for survival has impacted my life and has shaped me to become a better person. I see many tents along the sidewalk, which belong to people who have no home. I smell urine and toxic waste because these people don’t have a restroom to use. The upper level of Earth itself is their restroom.

I hear many people arguing to themselves due to the mental illness and the lack of education. I also hear many people screaming out to the public believing their rich and famous, and that they once were famous star but the sad reality of it all is that they were just delusional. It was the first time when I realized the world wasn’t fair. It reminded The Great Depression and has led me to try to improve my community by donating clothes, blankets, furniture and food.

Some suggestions I would like to give local city planners is to create more tenements, apartments, and homes for those who have no place to call home and create subsidized housing. I would also advise local city planners to make things more organize and create more transit. Another thing I would advise is to create more schools for the lack of education.