Picture taken by: Adrian Cuevas. Photo edited by: Jorge Zepeda.
East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Torres Toros sneak their win from the Belmont Sentinels

The Torres Toros sneak a 32-24 win past the Belmont Sentinels after trailing 22-12 before halftime.

The Toros took the field friday night as the No. 1 team in Division 3 of the CIFLACS, and ranked No. 10 in LACS by SoCal Prep Insider. This was the first time the Toros took the field as the No. 1 team in their division.

The Toros had a rocky start in the first quarter, having some difficulties on defense, as well as some questionable penalties on offense, calling back a touchdown. The Sentinels up 8 in the second quarter score 14 more points.

As the Sentinels scored their second touchdown of the game, the Toros knew what had to be done. Running back Tiquan Gilmore, ranked No. 2 running back in California and No. 5 in the nation in the 2016 season, rushed for a 50-yard touchdown to put the Toros on the scoreboard.

The Sentinels weren’t done yet. They yet again put up another touchdown, as did the Toros.

The score going into halftime was 22-12 Belmont. Trailing into the half wasn’t part of the plan, so the Toros had something coming.

Head Coach Charles Burnley said, “This turned into a dogfight. Never doubt an opponent. We came into this game with the world on our shoulders, let it go. Forget about the scoreboard, let’s go out there and do what we do best, win.”

The Toros made an astonishing comeback. Gilmore went on to score three more touchdowns leading the Toros to the win.

Gilmore had 400 all-purpose yards, with about 350 rushing. He was named overall and offensive MVP against the Sentinels.

The Torres Toros are currently 3-0. They play the Sotomayor Wolves on Friday, Sept. 15.


  • Reply Martin Meza September 11, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    go toros, TQ the goat


  • Reply Richard Ramblaz September 11, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Great job Jorge


  • Reply Jorge Zepeda September 11, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    Picture taken by Adrian Cuevas Instagram: obezzy_adrian
    photo edit by Jorge Zepeda


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