East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Veterans’ Memorial in Atlantic Park

The Veterans’ Memorial in Atlantic Park stands as a constant reminder that many endure similar struggles, but through unity we are able to overcome them.

Continuous participation of America in wars over the period of time eventually strengthens the connection between the veterans’ monument itself and the East Los Angeles community. Through the commonality of first-hand experience and unity.

Regardless of how East Los Angeles is looked at, anyone raised in the community of East Los Angeles. shares a sense of unity, in that sharing the same culture and even more likely to share similar experiences.

The Veterans’ Memorial in Atlantic Park has been standing in its place since World War I. Embedded into the monument reads “IN MEMORY OF HEROES OF ALL AMERICAN WARS,” not only granting recognition to our American soldiers but also to our allies who fought alongside our troops.

This monument is significant in the way that both the people of East Los Angeles and nationwide troops endure struggles and stand united to overcome those struggles.

Walking into the park you’ll see the lone monument, surrounded by green grass and distant from the more socially engaged areas of the park. Perhaps it’s a sign of respect to the fallen soldiers, or maybe the residents are indifferent to its background and meaning?

The Veterans’ Memorial is a symbol of unity and if more residents knew more about this monument and its story, it can possibly provide a better security of pride for the people of East Los Angeles and anyone new to the area.