East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Volleyball, friends, and reading

Laura Navarrete was born in March 2001, making her 16 years old. She is currently a junior attending Esteban E. Torres High School at the East Los Angeles Renaissance academy.

She grew up in East Los Angeles struggling with her family to get through the worst.

She enjoys being in school programs, some programs she attends is East Los Angeles Service Academy. She attends LASA every other Saturday as well as she attends TELACU.

Navarrete likes keeping herself busy at all times so she also plays volleyball for her school team. She enjoys playing volleyball most of the time and that’s what she looks forward to each day after school.

She is an outgoing person who likes talking and meeting new people. Something she enjoys doing in her free time is hanging out with her closest friend, they like watching movies and eating most of the time. She can be a very kind person to those who treat her well.

She likes being organized, if not she’ll start slacking off in school. She sometimes likes putting people before herself because she cares for others and she always finds a way to help them out.

Her previous English teacher made the class read books, and ever since that class, she enjoys reading and now finds meaning in them.