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Want a good pastrami sandwich or carne asada dog? Check out Tom’s Burgers

The delicious smelling place located in East Los Angeles has been standing since 1956. Tom’s Burgers started from the bottom and still here.

It started off when a young Greek immigrant family arrived to Los Angeles. Tom’s Burgers is one of the oldest and the longest restaurant continuously operating pastrami sandwich establishments in the Los Angeles area. They have been serving the community for more than 58 years.

Today, they continue to serve the pastrami sandwiches they began with but now serve what is known to people, “old school fast food,” and the Mexican food.

Tom’s Burgers is famous for their pastrami sandwiches and carne asada dogs. The sweet smell of the juicy burgers still bring people in. People who have had lived around Tom’s Burgers and moved to different areas still go back to eat there.

When you walk into the restaurant, you can hear the workers doing their jobs, the costumers laughing and talking to each other. You can also smell the meat cooking, the fries being fried, and the juiciness of the burgers that have just been made.

The workers are very friendly, and they show how they make people feel comfortable eating there. A review said that one of the cooks was talking to him while flipping the patties.

Eating at Tom’s Burgers feels as if it’s your first time eating a juicy hamburger or delicious carne asada tacos. This restaurant is the most authentic place there can be.