Picture by Ivania H.
East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Want more money? Study!

Today, Adrian got up at 4:30 a.m. to go to work all day and get paid based on his early decision of not attending to college and obtain a minimum wage. Often he regrets this decision. He’s 22 now and thinks, “If I would have gone to college I would have been out already.”

This is a real-life example of a person whom I know, this person inspired me to feel more motivated and study further than just high school. And there are thousands of more people just like Adrian. But just like that there are also thousands of alternatives and opportunities out there to accomplish the goal of finishing a career. So there is a possibility more for us as high school students to do it.

Even though the idea of going to college doesn’t seem so easy (because it’s not), it’s going to be more than worth it at the end and it will be something you won’t regret.

Getting a job where they pay good without having a college degree it’s not impossible but it can be hard and sometimes risky.

Based on a Georgetown University study of economy and job projections, in 2018, approximately 63% of jobs will require some college education or a degree. Nowadays most jobs require it and simply just having a college degree will make it easier when applying to a job.

Now going back to Adrian’s story, whose sister decided to go to college and is currently studying and working at the same time, after she graduates she’ll be getting at least $32 per hour because her effort will pay off.

Based on Simply Hired website, the average salary for college graduate jobs is $59,512 and the average for those who only have a high school diploma is $32,000.

You might not have money to pay for your education but that’s why student loans exist, and you might say you will pay that debt for life but once you finish college and graduate it’ll pay off, just look at it as a life investment.

You might also be scared of graduating and never getting a job, and then you’ll think that it was a waste of money but one, college doesn’t have to be so expensive and second, you need to get informed first if the school you are going to attend has pretty good rate of job placement after graduating. You can also seek for help, ask for institutions who provide grants and scholarships, there is also people who guide you through those steps.

There shouldn’t be excuses just your willingness and motivation to get it done.

If you still question whether if college is worth it, just have in mind that there is always pros and cons but also it’s always going to be up to you and the decisions you make now are going to reflect in the future. In conclusion, if you want to boost your paycheck for lifetime you must attend to college and graduate.