East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

We are East L.A.

People in East Los Angeles love it for many reasons; the food, the culture, the people, and the music. I love East L.A. because people in this community come together as one big happy community for any occasion.

They come together as friends and family for birthdays, baby showers, first communions, baptisms, Quinceneras, sporting events, holidays, BBQ’s, and even go to the park to just hang out and play soccer, basketball, volleyball, or football. It’s how active the community is what I like about it the most. That is why I love East L.A.

I love how people enjoy spending time with their friends or families. I love how people go to the park every weekend or maybe even every day to play a game in the court; to play and give it your all in a competitive five-on-five game or to play with a bunch of guys who have nothing but love for the sport.

People have goals for themselves and I like how they’re doing anything they can to accomplish them, even if it means wasting 30 minutes of their day.

I also like how people go biking, skateboarding or use their scooters to get to places. It’s not as active as walking or running but it still gets some workout in. I use my bike to go places; I’ve gone to Eagle Rock, Dodger Stadium, and the beach just for the heck of it.

You might see a lot of people who don’t really do much but I see a lot of people who are really active. Especially, people who play high school sports.

I like how sporting events no matter what it is or what level it is, professional, college, high school, or even little kids, brings so much attention and so many people together.

East L.A. is one of the most active places in than any other community I’ve been at.