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The sights and sounds of Whittier Boulevard

East Los Angeles is a suburban area that contains a diversity of communities. Everywhere you go, you can name it in East L.A.: from the light posts, to the flowers, and to the very grassy field on the streets itself.

There’s several point of views on how people can picture East L.A. One of the big areas that are within it is Whittier Boulevard, the heart of the area.

Whittier has a lot attractions where one can visit, shop, and get food. Starting with the Whittier sign that is a huge half circle with overlapping curving lines coming from the top, left, and right. The view of driving past the area is a sight to see.

There’s so much going on: everyone doing their day-to-day activities like selling hot dogs on the side of the 99 cent store, to selling fruit from the side of the new Nike store, and the usual Hispanic music that’s heard playing while browsing through the streets at Whittier. I can recall the voices of “Aqui tenemos hot dogs, pasale pasale, dos por cinco!” and there are similarities among other food stands.

One of the popular shopping places is the Nike store because it’s very popular among the athletic clothing community and it’s quite rare to see one unless you go to Citadel that’s quite a few miles from Whittier. What makes this store very special to Whittier is the fact that they sell T-shirts that literally says “EAST LOS” underlined. If you’re from East L.A. or from the general community, the possibility of having one is quite high.

Not only is there clothing stores but crafting stores for school projects. Recently I went there and there were lots of supplies to choose from ranging from foam, to string, to paint, even to beads, and others you name it.

As for food besides the usual food stands there is Subway, Little Mexican Seafood, and a variety of others to choose from.

That’s how I see Whittier Boulevard and how it’s within East L.A.

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