East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

We aren’t just a community

Constantly we see it, and we hear about it: in the news, in movies, articles, we see it everywhere and hear about through others. We constantly see articles that somehow in some way always talk negative about the community of East Los Angeles. But is that really describing East Los Angeles? Or is it describing what other want to believe?

East Los Angeles is so far from gang violence, and yes, things occur that contribute to violence but there is violence occurring everywhere in the world. Our community is more than just a group of people who live in the same place; East Los Angeles is teamwork, unity, and a family.

In our community we embrace our Mexican culture. There is culture spilling from the walls in every corner you turn from murals on the walls to taco stands in every other street.

East Los Angeles is full of opportunities, in any direction you turn there are opportunities popping out at you. Our community offers education from preschool to college, not only one or two options but more than enough to choose from. It provides the people of the community with multiple recreation centers that give children a place to study, and develop as they grow older.

Next time when you are reading an article that speaks about the violence in East Los Angeles, just remember that it most likely that the person reporting has not experienced living here.