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We need art in our lives

Have you ever heard or was told that art is useless, do something else with your life, there are other jobs that are more successful and pay more, art is hard, you need to be a professional at art, what’s the point, etc. Well I have heard, was told and if you are one of these people who have been told negative comments about art, then you need to prove them wrong.

Art can be anything from visual representation to performing like, for example, illustration, animation, music, dance, acting, graphic design, graffiti, sculpting, photography, etc. Art has no limits, meaning we can do whatever sets our minds to it. You can have your own ideas and creativity to show others that it’s easy to do.

To think about it we have done art since the beginning of daycare or elementary. We’ve done from finger painting to small school plays, parade performances to big art projects, music classes to theater programs and so on.

Although not everyone sees each other eye to eye. There are some people who disagree with the idea of the arts. In my experience, there are many criticism towards art or making excuses for themselves. I’ve had experience this before.

I remember being at Sequoia Park in Monterrey Park with my family and talking to a man who was walking his dog. I remember him asking me what I wanted to do when I was older. I said I wanted to be an artist. He however said why would you want to be that, why would you want to draw in the streets to get paid, do something that’s more useful with your life. I don’t remember specifically what he said but I only remember he said something like what I abbreviated.

I don’t think this man saw my point or thought that I was going to draw in the streets and get paid, I want a serious art career but some people might not take artist seriously. People come up and believe in artist stereotypes which some are true and others not like, for example, we carry around a sketchbook, we are professional, we have good sense of fashion and music, etc. Although this may not be the point of what I’m arguing about but people will say these things. They don’t take idea of art and artist seriously, people think it’s easy.

Although people will believe in stereotypes and make up negative comments to put an artist down, if you are an artist, you know the perks of art and how it is necessarily in our lives.

According to a High School Insider post called “Five reasons why we need art,” numbers the reasons why art benefits us. It can calm you down and relieve stress. In my opinion, whenever I’m drawing or doing anything art related, I feel calm and steady like if I’m in another world. My dad also feels calm when he’s drawing or playing an instrument.

According to the article, it also says that art can keep us healthy.

Art does play a big role in history like old renaissance paintings to World War II propaganda posters. Art does show a lot of cultural, religious beliefs and identities towards its history, like for example, cave paintings.

The last reason is art is shared experience. This last reason tells us that we need art to keep ourselves connected with each other, meaning every art genre requires a group of people and an audience to come together and enjoy the moment and passion for art.

We need art in our lives. All I can say is that being an artist myself can show others that art can revive your mind to another world. Art is something that we will still be living with and still has a history to remember.

Although many people won’t see eye to eye, but the truth is that art is something special. Don’t believe in stereotypical statements on art and artists because once you meet an artist, you’ll know that all you have heard from is a lie.

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