East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

We need art in our lives

People generally express themselves in many ways. Those means of expression give people their individuality. It’s done in many forms; through music or dance, but most importantly through art.

Art is an important part of everyone’s life. It’s everywhere all at once, being in alleyways, billboards, and even store front windows. It’s an essential part of everyone’s life whether they know it or not. It’s in every aspect, without it life would be dull and gray. No matter where you go it’s there.

Since the beginning of time art has been a part of our primitive nature. We drew on walls and rocks, telling our history and the ancient stories of their time. It was a way of preserving our culture through the usage of the things that were available at the time. Our ancestors captured important events, to the best of their ability, giving us leads to what happened in their time. It’s truly intriguing seeing these paintings and drawings because you are pulled into their time. Through art we get a better understanding of our ancestors.

When it comes to the fundamental basics of a human being, art is part of them. Since our childhood we’ve instinctively done it. Even when you’re in class you do a doodle every now and then without even thinking about it. Through art we are able to create our individuality.

Critics might say that art has no real meaning that it isn’t beneficial to our development. But that’s where they’re wrong. There was a study done to see the effects of visiting an art museum, called “Art makes you smart.” This article states that students who went, “demonstrated stronger critical thinking skills, displayed higher levels of social tolerance, exhibited historical empathy.” To put it simply kids who are exposed to art show more signs of strong development. Art helps you develop for better thinking.

No matter what country you go to you can see the different forms of art. People put their beliefs in their art to express what they feel. We are connected together because of this, set aside our differences.

Art is extremely important because we get lost in it and it helps us mentally. I hope people continue to paint the world like it’s their coloring book, not holding back of their full potential.