East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

What kind of person is Jerry Peña?

This Latino teenager who is a fan of hearing metal and his childhood band named Gorillaz is Jerry Peña who is 5-feet 7-inches tall, black hair and eyes, and mostly wears casual clothes including shorts in the summer or winter (odd person); also has a calm and fun personality.

I was born in East Los Angeles on July 24, 2001 in a hospital that is now a formal school. He is an ordinary than others because he use his ways of thinking and changing his views of life than others think.

In present day, he attends Esteban E. High School which has five separate academies which the one academy that suit the most to him was East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, which is full of students.

His accomplishments include making it to spelling bee, medals of having good scores of tests, and a few art medals (he was creative back then).

His future goals are graduating high school and hoping to enroll at UCLA to study Chemistry and Biology so then he can be a CDC (Center of Disease Control) employee.

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