East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

What stands out most about my identity

What stands out most about my identity is my culture, which is Latino. The reason for this is because that’s how people identify me most of the time or when I introduce myself to a stranger.

One reason I identify myself as a Latino is because in my community, many of us Latinos are known to be bad or dropouts. But when I do something good and become successful, I want to be identified as a the successful Latino to not only show pride about my culture but the community I come from.

Part of my life that has been impacted by the community I live in is staying away from the trouble it brings to the people. Being able to avoid gangs, drugs, and crime is a big success. My community has built me to jump over obstacles and learn from the bad to be better. Being so close to graduate high school makes me so proud because it’s a huge accomplishment knowing that in my community we have a high dropout rate.

A connection I make with my neighborhood is that most of it is prominently Latino and most of them are hard workers who want nothing but success for themselves and their kids. This connection is very alike because they are proud of their culture like I am.

Suggestions I have for city planners in the future if they make any changes is always involve culture. There is nothing better when you see your culture all around you. Also, acknowledging more Latinos who become successful or are successful already; this will inspire many other kids to be successful and change people perspectives on how they view Latinos.