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When do girls become women?

Mija limpia, mija cocina, mija ayudame, Honey clean up, Honey cook, Honey help me.” Sound familiar?

Pretty sure 99% of us girls know what I’m talking about, if not then sorry some of you girls are still little girls and not young ladies. The girls who understand this know I’m talking about our mothers. They become lazy and tired, so we have to do chores. Some of us start doing housewife chores at an early age, we stop becoming little girls, and dolls become less interesting.

So when do girls we become adults? For some as soon as our moms tell us to clean or cook more than once that’s when we hit the adulthood; so when our mothers see that we are dependable to start to let us do most of the house work because they could depend on us. Adults start being adults when we start being independent and making our own choices without taking our decisions back.

As a matter of fact, my mom would always tell me, “Prender a hacer las cosas por su cuenta no dependen de un hombre, learn how to do things on your own don’t depend on a man.” Now that I am growing I realized that she is right and that we have to be dependable by ourselves to earn what we want. A man won’t always give me what I want, might as well earn myself my own things.

On the other hand like every other daughter, I am a daddy’s girl. My father loves spoiling me but at the same time I have to earn the things I want. Sometimes I feel much like a little girl and I want him to see me as a young lady.

My father grew up with no mother and his father was a b****** to him, that’s why he gets me what I want so I don’t feel what he felt, rejected, but I also feel like I’m old enough to learn how to do things on my own. He also realized that I’m growing up, and told me that he wants me to work, especially as the oldest I have to set an example to my siblings.

No doubt, I realize that many girls have the latest iPhones and I wonder what do they do to get them? Do their fathers spoil them a lot? Do they have to earn it? Like do they have to do something in return? I realize that some girls have rich families so they could buy whatever they want or they force their parents to buy it for them.

These girls with the latest merchandise like the iPhones usually just go to school, go home and lay down all day or just be on the phone. How does that benefit to become adults? An adult doesn’t just go home and earn money just like that. Who pays someone just to lay down and use the phone?

They don’t become adults just like that. When we start doing things our own to benefit our future is when we start becoming adults we learn what it takes to earn things. Many people might think we become adults when our bodies start hitting puberty, but really it’s not that.

A person can be an adult and still not have gone through puberty but they know where they are supposed to be as an adult. Why I strongly believe that a teen becomes an adult when they are mature enough to see that sometimes they have to make their own decisions more and more as they become adults and being independent. Girls become women when they earn the value of what it takes to be a women.