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When do pranks cross the line to become bullying?

When do pranks cross the line to become bullying? Well there is a certain extent to pranks.

Some pranks are very dangerous and should be performed by professionals or at least people who have a bit of knowledge. Pranks start to cross the line when the person is pranking the person only for embarrassment.

Pranks start becoming a bully’s play thing when they can get out of trouble just by saying “it’s a prank bro.” It may be cliché to say it’s a prank but adults wouldn’t really know because the one being pranked wouldn’t speak of it.

Some pranks are dangerous, and some pranks just go over board and may end up being considered bullying. Pranks shouldn’t be targeting nor repetitive because then it will be considered bullying. Also if the person getting pranked isn’t good friends with the person then that will cross the line.

There is a controversy about pranks and bullying about being linked. Some bully’s would prank their victim and report saying it was a prank but in reality it would actually just be a cover up. So I plead, if you see anything revolving around bullying please contact an adult immediately.

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