East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

When do you become an adult ?

When do you become an adult? That’s the question we all have to figure out. Many say we officially become an adult when we turn 21 but I believe we are still pre-mature at this age. Once we turn 21 we immediately think we can drink and party whenever we choose too. But in reality there’s many consequences like; getting arrested, putting your life on the line, making dumb decisions, which is not very adult like. This is why I believe that we become an adult at certain point in our lives, when we have responsibilities. One example, when we have a job we use the money for paying bills or  helping your family. Another responsibility is making sure you keep your job and making sure that food is put on the table. I think you become an adult when your brain reaches a level of maturity. In other words I believe that a person reaches adulthood when you have responsibilities and your only focus is to accomplish your goals. That’s when I believe you reach adulthood.